The cliché New Year’s blogger…

I’m sure with the start of a new year comes a whole crop of new bloggers…eager to capture their memories of the coming year, some perhaps with dreams of making it big, and others looking for a creative outlet.

I’d be the one that just made a list of “what I would have in my ideal life”, realized I needed some dedicated time for self-reflection and decided a blog would be a great tool to help me accomplish this.

The tagline in the blog is true…I do strive to be happy in the present, thankful for the past and hopeful for the future. I certainly have my “argh”-worthy days, just like any other, but I also think it’s up to me to decide whether I want to wallow in anger and self-pity (which sometimes feels the most appropriate) or whether I want to put on my “big girl pants” and either do something to change it or accept it.

As a mother to one daughter, wife to one husband, employee to one company (and sporadic member of one YMCA) I have much to be thankful for, much to fill my days (good and bad), and I need to ensure that my time is used wisely and focused on the things that are most important.

Here’s to hoping this blog helps keep me centered and is a source of positivity/reflection for any others who come along the way…

p.s. How rocking is that stock photo in the title? It’s like it was meant for this blog. 🙂


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