This about captures it.

The plan was to write a cheery post about the significant cleaning/decluttering done over the holidays and how happy/relieved I felt about it but after a day at the office other things are top of mind, so that shall be saved for another day.

Today was a busy day at the office. While putting in a 12hr day, seeing your daughter for about 1hr, and overall feeling like a sourpuss isn’t ideal I feel good about the work I’ve done and happy with the end product.

Here’s what I don’t feel good about.

I don’t feel good when I don’t feel heard at work. I don’t feel good when I feel like work could be done better/more efficiently but things are holding you back. I don’t feel good when things are in flux at work and clear plans haven’t been articulated around how the change will be managed.

While it’s easy to stew and let things fester, at the end of the day I believe that there will always be things at work that suck, and the key is focusing your efforts on the things you can change and accepting the things you can’t. When it gets to the point where there are too many things you’re accepting that you just don’t feel comfortable with, it’s time for a change.

I’m happy that I have a job and options for what I choose to do. I’m thankful that I have mentors who can help guide me with career decisions (and friends who can lend a supportive ear) and I’m hopeful that I have the wisdom and strength to make the right decisions and trust that everything always works out.


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