It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted as things have been busy busy. After many ups and downs (maybe more downs) today was a day where I came home happy and feeling like I had success.

Success means different things to different people (and different things at different times in your life). These are the three things that represented “success” to me today.

Success at Work

Essentially telling someone “hey you screwed up, and this is being reflected in my assessment of the issue”, but doing it in a way that they understand the rationale and don’t feel threatened/bad/attacked by it. I’m a firm believer that how you do something is equally (and sometimes more important) than the actual thing you’re doing.

Success at Home

Making a healthy dinner (baked salmon with sweet potato fries, rice and peas) that is enjoyed by my family and ready on time.

Success with my Family

Spending 1.5hr of quality time with my daughter singing songs, being silly, learning how to sweep (trust me, it was fun for her!), and hearing her infectious giggles.

While I sometimes think success means earning a big fat paycheque, having a spotless/uber organized home, and being a supermom/wife who is endlessly patient/fun/creative, I found today was a good reminder of what success truly means (and feels like) to me – which seems a lot more achievable (and kinda mundane, in a good way)!

I’m happy that, for now, I feel challenged at work, am managing the challenges, and am able to maintain work/life balance. I’m thankful to have moments of clarity where I do recognize awesome moments/accomplishments that others could see as unimportant/mundane. I’m hopeful that I remember this definition of success in the future, and consciously listen to my instincts to tell me what’s important.


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