Giving Yourself New Beginnings


It’s 5:22am on April 10th…I hesitantly just took a look at the date of the last post I made.

Published on January 22nd.

That’s a fair amount of time that’s gone by…

My first thought is to chastise myself and say “Tiffany…you started this blog, with great intentions to write regularly…but let’s face it. You’re just not disciplined enough.”

My second thought is to say “Okay, yes I could have had more discipline but let’s take a look at what’s been going on the past 3 months…several bouts of week-long sickness through the family, several changes at work, your spouse is in their busy season and working super long hours, and you found out a month ago you’re pregnant (!) and have aggressive nausea and exhaustion that has been a tad debilitating.”

(FYI, when you’re pregnant that means you’re making a whole human being inside your body. Ya know. No big deal.)

My third thought is “I need to stop feeling bad about things and just give myself a new start.”

So that’s what I’m doing.

Every year people make new year’s resolutions, make plans for how they’ll be a “better me”, give themselves permission to erase their shortcomings of the past year and start fresh January 1st. The thing is, you can give yourself a new beginning whenever you want. Lots of people do it every year, but you could do it every month, every week, every day…heck, every hour if you want to.

I’m starting to think I should think of every day as a new beginning. Every day you reset.

Every evening you acknowledge the events of the day. Celebrate the things you did well, forgive yourself of the things you felt you could’ve handled better, and give yourself encouragement for the things you’d like to accomplish for the future. It can take as short or as long as you want.

Every morning you wake up and say “Let’s make this the best day we can make.”

It’s 5:41am and I’ve heard toddler stirrings in her crib…I actually awoke at 3:30am…and I think waking up that early is going to compound the effects of the pregnancy sickness and exhaustion……

Let’s make this the best day we can make.

I’m happy I’ve decided to forgive myself, thankful that we live in a day and age where we can journal and share our thoughts with people across the world, and hopeful that I make it through today. 🙂


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