Appreciation After Absence


Lately I’ve been thinking about just how much I’ve taken for granted in the past – enjoying yummy food is pretty major right now (not trying to belabor the whole pregnancy thing but it’s kinda top of mind these days). The pre-children days where we could skip off to Niagara Falls on a whim, just ’cause we felt like it. The days where “mortgage”, “hydro bill” and “RESP contributions” were just words I knew how to spell and I could be blissfully ignorant of what they actually looked like and how much of my paycheque would go to each (to be honest, hubby does most of the bills so I’m still kinda blissfully ignorant).

You don’t tend to miss things until they’re gone…and often times it’s the mundane things (and sometimes even the annoying things) that you miss.

Here’s a list of things that I will attest to saying I probably don’t appreciate as much as I should, and I’d like to change this:

  • My mom’s “advice”. I love that woman dearly and would do anything for her. But at the same time she can drive me bat-sh*t crazy. (We’re being honest, here right?) I need to remember to savour her advice (even if it seems repetitive and unhelpful) and remember that it comes from a good place.
  • My daughter’s shenanigans. I would say for the most part I tend to sit back, observe what she’s doing and try to savour every moment I can watching her. That said, I’m guilty (like every other parent) of having times where we just need to get out the door, or get dinner on the table, or it’s been a long hard day at work, and you just don’t have the energy or patience to entertain another request to push the garage door button. I hope during those moments I can dig deep and find a few minutes to see what’s important in her world.
  • My husband’s annoying habits. As if on cue, he’s sitting next to me now watching the Jays game – slapping his stomach to a made-up beat, shout-whispering “no” while pulling on his “neck fat” as he ponders whether they’ll come back in the 9th inning saying “come on man, make a name for yourself kid”. Okay – that’s more adorable than annoying. But the man can stink up a room with gas so bad they could bottle it and sell it as a stink bomb. He also chews incredibly passionately and incredibly loudly. I’d like to learn to love those smacking sounds and celebrate the joy he feels when watching sports (there’s nothing to help the fart situation).
  • Being pregnant. Let’s face it – feeling nauseous/dizzy/exhausted the entire day is not fun. But building an entire human being inside of you is both a gift and incredibly precious miracle. I need to stop and smell the roses (even if they do make me throw up) and remember to enjoy this.

I’m sure I could come up with a bunch more (and maybe I’ll add to this list some day). But I think if you truly want to practice gratitude in your life, you need to look for things you’re currently ungrateful for (or not fully appreciative of) and make a conscious effort to step back and see the beauty/positive in it.

Even if it’s something as simple as someone pulling their neck fat. 🙂

I’m happy that I’m taking time to reflect and seek out my shortcomings – it gives me more time to work on them and make amends for the future. I’m thankful that I have these people in my life and the opportunity to give life. I’m hopeful that this is an exercise I’ll revisit regularly so I can truly appreciate and show appreciation for things I may take for granted.


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