Loving the Pieces of Yourself Others Are Too Scared to Possess

Be Yourself

Sooo….I’d be one of those kinds of people who don’t get embarrassed super easily.

I like the challenge of seeing if I can find/negotiate a discount on things. If I like someone’s purse/haircut/shoes I won’t be shy to compliment them. And if I trip on a sidewalk in front of 20 people I’ll probably say “whoopsidoodle” on the way down…then jump up and say “I’m okay!” and keep walking to my car (of course, on a pathway that makes me pass all 20 of these people) with a grin on my face……………….it’s happened.

I’m also the kind of person who loves an opportunity to let people know they matter and that I appreciate them (it’s pretty much my most favorite thing. ever.)… sounds normal enough, right?

Well this morning I had a most fantastic opportunity to show my appreciation. I seized the opportunity. And then I was poked fun of for what I did.

I am a loyal listener to the local station 96.7FM and today the morning show hosts broadcasted from the lobby of my office building (who, by the way, are just delightful!). A few months ago they broadcasted from our lobby and I made a point to head down and let them know just how much they impact my day and set the tone for my morning…..but by the time I went down they were gone!

So, naturally, when they were in this morning I was thrilled for an opportunity not only to express my thanks but to also wish one of the long-time hosts congratulations on his upcoming retirement! After dropping off my bags I headed down with a few co-workers (who were more interested in the cake that was being handed out).

I tentatively approached them (afraid they might be on air and I’d be a total doofus and say “Heeeey!” while they were mid-broadcast) and they were absolutely lovely and welcomed me over. We chatted for a few minutes and I was so grateful for the chance to let them know that they make me smile in the mornings and give some congratulatory/thank you hugs.

Honestly, nothing makes me happier than getting opportunities like this to tell “perfect strangers” that they are awesome.

After my co-workers and I headed upstairs it became “a thing” that I spoke words of appreciation with the radio hosts and gave them hugs. A thing that was not really talked about in a positive way. A thing that made some folks listening raise an eyebrow.

I think that’s a shame.

I think if you have genuine feelings of love or appreciation that you should seize any moment you can to express them (whether it’s with your spouse, the wonderfully kind lady behind the Tim Horton’s counter, or your favorite radio show hosts). I think that if someone is doing an awesome job that they should know it and be praised for it. And I think that if someone takes an opportunity to do those things (even if others wouldn’t) that it’s a shame that it’s seen as a negative or weak attribute. To be honest, I see it as one of my strengths!

So this is me saying be the person you want to be. Don’t be afraid to show your true self and to let yourself indulge in those amazing feelings of joy and gratitude. As a child, if  you went up to someone and said “You’re awesome!” others would praise and admire the action…but as an adult if you do the same it’s often seen in a cynical way and as something weird or “funny”.

If expressing thanks or giving compliments is something you’re generally not comfortable with, challenge yourself to genuinely express thanks or give a compliment to one person a day. What do you have to lose?

Go ahead – express your love for others and love the pieces of yourself others are too scared to possess. They’re your greatest gifts and the greatest gift you can share with others.

What is your greatest gift that you can offer the world?

I’m happy I’m at an age and stage where I don’t feel the need to conform, thankful that I had the long-awaited opportunity to express gratitude, and hopeful that one day I will instill this self-confidence and self-belief in my children so they can love themselves for the beautiful people they are.


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