The Lost Art of Spending *Quality* Family Time…


My apologies for going MIA for a bit there!

Between struggling to survive the 2nd week hubby was away on business, packing everything for our recent trip to the US and actually going on the trip it didn’t leave a ton of time to blog.

But I’m back!

The last few weeks have pretty much been a blur, and while there were lots of ups and downs, I think the thing that struck me the most is how much I love and need quality couple and family time.

Hubby and I went away for 1.5weeks, just the two of us (our daughter stayed with her grandparents), and while we enjoyed exciting excursions and lots of beautiful scenery, when it came to the end of the trip and we talked about each of our favorite parts, mine was hands-down the quality time I spent with my husband. It was the sort of time you spend where you make memories together, where you laugh and are silly, where it’s like you’re two kids without a care in the world or a care about what others may think and you just do what feels right and joyful.

It made me think “how is it so hard to spend this sort of quality time together at home?” Well, for one, there’s always more chores to be done – dishes to be washed, laundry to be cleaned, meals to be cooked…life gets busy! But I also realized how we spent almost 0 time watching tv over 1.5weeks and we didn’t really miss it. Pre-children we would easily spend 3-4 hours after dinner sitting and watching tv together, and post-children it’s a “luxury”…but really, how much of a luxury is it just sitting mindlessly when we could be conversing and connecting with each other in the real world?

I asked my husband if we could challenge ourselves to continue the trend and not watch tv for 1 week and see how it goes.

It didn’t even last a day.

I suppose initiating a tv ban during the Stanley Cup playoffs plus baseball season seems a tad unfair…but I really think it’s initiating the change that’s the hardest part!

On a related note, today was the start of the long weekend…we had a fairly productive day, searching the house for items to donate, donating a carload of goods, taking our daughter for her 2 year old pictures, then capping it off with a bbq and dining outdoors.

Our evening, in my eyes, was perfect. While it’s not unusual for us to bbq, it’s rare for us to dine on our patio furniture – either it’s too hot or feels like too much work to lug everything out….but after preparing and cooking dinner outside, letting our daughter explore the yard, eating our dinner and subsequently putting together her playhouse ($15 used from kijiji, thank you very much!) it felt amazing to be outside, enjoying each others’ company and not fall into the routine of flopping on the couch, tempted to turn on the tv.

So this is a challenge to me and everyone else to get outside more, watch tv less, and really spend some quality couple/family time together. We don’t need to buy a cottage or go on vacation to get this – we just need to change our habits and focus on our true priorities.

I’m happy to reflect and contemplate ways to live a a higher quality and intentional life, I’m thankful for the memories we made today and over the last few weeks, and I’m hopeful that with persistency and consistency that this lifestyle will become more of a norm vs. an anomaly.


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