My Horrible Friend


Today I went to the Y with the girls. As usual, I dropped J off at her preschool program, C at the babysitting/nursery and headed into my Zumba class. This routine’s been going twice a week for about 4 weeks and has been great for giving me a chance to exercise (helping to ward off the postpartum depression), feeling stronger and overall happier.

After the Zumba class I checked in on C in the babysitting – she was fast asleep. I decided to take advantage and have some “me” time. It was a gorgeous day so I pulled up a chair near a big window in the lobby, ordered a quiche from the snack bar and settled in to enjoy the sunshine, a snack and read the book I just borrowed from the library.

I was relishing in the thought of eating a meal with no interruptions. Tickled pink to enjoy some Vitamin D from my seat. And almost giddy to be able to read my book. While sitting there I saw a group of moms heading into an early-year’s program with their infants & toddlers in tow. Strollers abound and kids running to-and-fro, excited just to be alive.

Just then, my friend came up to me – surprised to see me sitting, enjoying a blissful meal in the sunshine without my 2 kids.

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