Dreams are coming true!

IMG_5541.JPGOver the last few months I’ve done a fair bit of soul-searching to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I know I want to do work that focuses on helping others. I know it’s important to prioritize my role as Mother above all else. I know I like building other people’s confidence.

Bit by bit I’ve listened more to my heart and taken baby steps to move myself in that direction. And yesterday it was like a culmination of three affirmations, encouraging me to continue moving along.

New Venture

One thing I’ve always enjoyed doing and have a gift for is resume writing. I love it. I love the challenge of making it jump out to the reader so they say “Whoa – I gotta meet this person!”. I love being privy to the applicant’s career and life journey. I love the look on their face when they read the finished product and are impressed when they read about their own accomplishments.

I posted an online ad for resume services a few months ago and after a handful of inquiries (which led to dead-ends) I landed my first two clients. While I spent hours researching their field, re-formatting the resume, tweaking, preparing questions and actually meeting with them (and we have another booked in a week) – it was/is purely joyful work. I would’ve happily done this work for free…so it’s a bonus to have a few extra dolla’ bills in my pocket!

When composing my resume services ad someone close to me told me repeatedly it was a waste of time.

I can now confirm that it wasn’t a waste of time – even if these are the only 2 resumes I ever get paid to review I will have gained a human experience/relationship I will never forget. I will have gained insight into someone’s life journey and passion. And I hopefully will have fuelled their passion for their work, increased their self-confidence, and encouraged them to pursue the work of their dreams.

New Responsibility

Earlier I posted about my desire to fill a position in our church. Yesterday evening I received a phone call to say I was selected to fill this position!

As mentioned in the earlier post, there was some hesitation as to whether I should inquire/express interest in this role (mainly as I felt challenged and deemed unworthy by the person sitting next to me at church). I am so glad I didn’t let their doubtful words discourage me.

I am thrilled to take on this position, encouraged to learn more about the Word and hopeful that I can make a difference in people’s lives.

Renewed Momentum

A few months ago I started exercising regularly at the Y. Things were going great – I was feeling healthier and stronger than ever and proud of myself for establishing a new routine…then sickness hit the entire household.

Between being sick myself, trying to keep my sick infant away from a germ-y nursery at the Y, and striving for everyone to get better before a big baptism/birthday weekend event I ended up aborting my exercise routine (as well as my daughter’s swim lessons) for roughly a month.

Yesterday was my first day back – and it was great.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that 90% of the time I won’t make it to a Zumba class on time…with 2 daycare/nursery drop-offs, potential tantrums, etc. that’s just reality. So my day consisted of 1/2 Zumba class (better than none!), a luxurious shower at the Y facilities (knowing my children were safe and being cared after, and not pondering the entire time whether someone awoke from a nap and was crying for me), and a Centergy class (a sped-up version of Yoga/Pilates)…and I’m feeling the effects of it today!

My daughter also took her first big girl swimming lesson. It was a bit of a flop with her being terrified who seemed nice and enough and reminded me of Jason Segel…but she tends to fear men in general and I can’t blame her for being a bit dubious of this friendly giant. While the lesson was a flop it was a success that we signed up for the lessons and tried. It’s all about the baby steps and hopefully next week will go better…especially since we moved to a class with a female teacher. 😉

I find I write most often when I’m upset or perplexed by things, so I wanted to make sure I acknowledged a day and time when I felt really great, motivated and encouraged by my life.

Realistically, the average amount of sleep I’ve gotten lately is 4-5 hours. So while I feel tired and like this post isn’t the most well-written, it’s contents are an important part of my life so I think I’ll just hit “Publish” and be okay that it’s not perfect. 🙂

I’m happy that I stuck with things that I wanted to do, despite what others said. I’m thankful that I believed in myself and pursued dreams (even if they may be small steps towards my dreams) and that my dreams are coming true. I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to listen to my heart and have the courage to pursue my passions, even if it means a smaller paycheque in the meantime.


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