Why Mr. Rogers is My Hero

Mr. Rogers

I am an accountant.

Well…that’s what a framed piece of paper on our office floor says.

Over the past 5 years I’ve struggled and resisted doing typical accounting jobs – public accounting, financial reporting, accounting policy taxes, etc. So why did I become an accountant?

I’ll tell you why.

I became an accountant because I was a high school student that had no clue what her passions were, what her greatest strengths were, what her purpose in life was…and my loving Chinese parents guided me to choose from the acceptable esteemed professions – doctor, lawyer and accountant.

Preferably in that order.

(Actually, pharmacist would’ve been okay too).

Over the past few years I’ve reflected on the person I am, the person I want to be and what I think my true purpose is in life. I’ve struggled with thinking “I want to do ____, because it aligns with my life purpose and while I expect it won’t be easy I do think it will be fulfilling” because there’s a small voice (along with family members) saying,  But you’re an accountant – why would you earn less than your potential?

That seems kinda absurd.

So over the last 10+ years I’ve learned more about myself, what makes me happy and what I want to do in the few short years I have on this earth…and you’re saying Forget about that stuff – just do the job you’re trained for. The job you have no desire for. The job you fell into because you had decent grades in high school and the university accepted you into their esteemed program. Who cares if you don’t like it – nobody likes work. As long as it doesn’t make you want to kill yourself and you’re earning a good salary just put in your time and do stuff you like as hobbies.

Maybe I’m speaking from a place of privilege and naivety…but why the heck would I want to live the rest of my life hating my job and trying to numb my unhappiness by spending my “good salary” on stuff I don’t need?

Yes – there’s something to be said for not needing to worry about money and being able to pay for trips, extracurricular activities, and dinners out without thinking “can we actually afford this?”…but on the other hand, why is it such a bad thing to discipline ourselves to be thoughtful and intentional with how we spend our money?

Why is it so taboo to do something different than your field of study if you find fulfillment in the work?

This is where my hero Mr. Rogers, beloved children’s tv show host, comes in.

About a year ago I decided to randomly look up Mr. Rogers and how he came to be a successful children’s tv show host.

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Pneumonia – nobody’s best friend.


If you look closely you can tell that the bottom tissue box is crammed full of used tissues…yuck.

Pneumonia – nobody’s best friend…or maybe it’s best friend is bronchitis? Similar hobbies and interests.

Anyways. I’m just getting over a pretty intense bout of pneumonia.

I’m talking temperatures over 105ºF, chills, non-stop coughing fits, throwing up, the whole nine yards. Not only was the illness a bummer (on top of the baby teething & battling an ear infection & *brand-new* ringworm, and the other two family members having colds) but it is still the hubby’s busy work season which is equally exhausting and stressful.

While I would never wish pneumonia on anyone, including myself, I was able to take away a few things from the experience.

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Warrior of One


There are times where your life seems great “on paper” but, in fact, you feel very alone.

One of those times where you see worth in yourself but others don’t. One of those times where you feel you are worth fighting for but others don’t. One of those times where you see obstacles as challenges to be overcome but others see them as obstacles and want to keep them at a distance.

I have spent much of my life feeling not worthy, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not courageous enough to take a risk, not worthy enough for someone to stand up for me…the list goes on and on. And I recently realized that it’s not true.

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