Warrior of One


There are times where your life seems great “on paper” but, in fact, you feel very alone.

One of those times where you see worth in yourself but others don’t. One of those times where you feel you are worth fighting for but others don’t. One of those times where you see obstacles as challenges to be overcome but others see them as obstacles and want to keep them at a distance.

I have spent much of my life feeling not worthy, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not courageous enough to take a risk, not worthy enough for someone to stand up for me…the list goes on and on. And I recently realized that it’s not true.

Our human nature is to put ourselves down, feel guilty, feel insecure about our abilities – we often look to others for courage and encouragement. Someone to tell us “yes you’re worthy”, someone to confirm that we’re on the right path, someone to say “you can do it!”. So what do you do when you’re not receiving that support and affirmations?

You become a warrior of one.

By that I don’t mean you put up a hard shell and keep everyone out.

Being a warrior of one means empowering yourself.

It means not shattering your own self-worth because other people don’t see it. You know you are worthy of love and respect.

It means not yearning for approval and affirmations from other people. You approve of the person you are and are cheering yourself on.

It means feeling truly comfortable in your own skin, which I believe only comes with experience overcoming struggles and failures.

A warrior of one doesn’t need to stand alone for the rest of their lives. A warrior of one who feels alone during a difficult time knows they have the strength to deal with adversity.

A warrior of one can stand tall on their own, but they are also open and accepting of support. People who encourage them to strengthen and grow as a person. A faith that gives them hope and much needed self-reflection. Signs from God or the universe that tell them This is a challenge, you will get through it, and you will be better from it.

When feeling abandoned or alone in the face of adversity, I encourage you to be a warrior of one. Love yourself and know you have the strength, wisdom, and tenacity to handle any situation.

I’m happy to have found new inner strength. I’m thankful that I am healthier when I recognize & maintain my self-worth. I’m hopeful that I will instill & help cultivate my daughters inner strength and love for themselves.



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