You don’t even realize how enviable your life is.


Pretending to huddle by the stove for warmth when our furnace broke. It was fixed just 2 days later. Many aren’t so lucky…

This evening I received an e-mail from a friend requesting donations of baby clothing & toys for an acquaintance who is facing financial troubles.


Boxes of outgrown baby clothing have been sitting in the corner of my dining room for months (waiting for our semi-annual church clothing sale in October). Everytime I walk down the stairs and see them I feel slightly annoyed by the clutter, so I was only too happy to re-direct them to this person in need. Continue reading


Greed vs. Minimalism


Consignment stores often test our purchasing impulses!

This is the story of that time I wasn’t greedy and felt stupid afterwards.

Today I visited a local children’s consignment store. The purpose was to consign a bassinet and once that was complete I considered leaving (reminding myself that I had a home full of “stuff” I was trying to purge…so why add to it??), but the potential for great deals pulled me in to take a peek around (girlfriend loves a good deal!).

A box near the front caught my eye with a sign that said “Items marked with * are $1.00”. I laboriously sifted through the box which was mainly filled with sunhats and some other clearance items. I spotted a new-with-tags veiled sunhat and recognized the brand as one our daycare sitter spoke highly of. The tag noted it was originally $29.95 but had a huge “*” to show it was marked to $1. I hung onto it, kept sifting through and noticed 3 more hats. Continue reading