Daily Snapshots – Day #1

I started this blog as a means to reflect on my day-to-day struggles while keeping a grateful mind and heart. I’ve often gone weeks between posts – time is precious and when your choice is between spending 1-2hours writing a post or sleeping after going weeks getting 5-6 hours of sleep per night…you’re not going to pick the blog unless you’ve got something burning to say. 🙂

I toyed with the idea of setting daily stretch goals for myself, but that sounded a bit daunting. After reading Cait Flanders’ post today, she inspired me to do something I’ll call “Daily Snapshots”.

Daily Snapshots will be quick blurbs on gratitude, mini-challenges, and things I’m proud of. It will follow the same ideas as the blog title, but will take away the pressure I put on myself to “say something meaningful” and focus more on reinforcing a grateful & intentional mindframe.

To improve myself just a little bit everyday and celebrate progress. Kinda like when you add 1 push-up everyday and before you know it, you go from doing 10 to 200.

So here it goes:

Daily Snapshot – Day #1

I am grateful for … a happy and healthy family, a new job where I feel comfortable being myself, and grit.

I am hopeful that… I can be a positive influence on my co-workers and encouraging to H, and challenge myself tomorrow to … learn one new thing about my quiet co-worker, R and really look for and appreciate the positive traits H brings and verbally compliment him on one (or more) thing(s).

I am happy with … the fact that I spent 20 minutes prepping a slow-cooker meal last night, took J to swimming after work, and crawled on the floor with C.


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