Daily Snapshot – Day #2

I’m making a tweak to the snapshot wording and changing “I’m happy about…” to “I enjoyed…”. It doesn’t fit as nicely with the blog title, but it’s somehow easier for me to answer!

I am grateful for … the ability to help others.

I am hopeful that… I can live a healthier lifestyle that allows me to focus on the things that truly matter and challenge myself tomorrow to … sleep for 8 hours so I have the ability to be present in each moment and task I endeavor.

I enjoyed … helping a frustrated person at the gas station find the release for the gas door on their car (that was presumably borrowed or rented) and relaying how I understood their frustration since I wasn’t driving my own vehicle either and took embarrassingly long to figure out how to work the windshield wiper fluid .

[Yesterday’s Challenge I am hopeful that… I can be a positive influence on my co-workers and encouraging to H, and challenge myself tomorrow to … (1) learn one new thing about my quiet co-worker, R and (2) really look for and appreciate the positive traits H brings and verbally compliment him on one (or more) thing(s).]

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge:

(1) I think I may have been a bit too specific…? On the one hand I want to hold myself accountable, but on the other hand I want to open myself to any possibilities/opportunities that help me to be a better person, vs. trying to “succeed” at something specific. R and I didn’t cross paths today and it seemed wrong to stop by his office to say “sooooo…I made a personal goal to learn one new thing about you…so let’s get to it”. That’s not weird at all ………………………..I did however learn about some challenges my co-worker’s teenage daughter faces and supported/connected with my co-worker through sharing a glimpse into my similar experiences.

(2) I complimented H via e-mail on an idea he had…but, to be honest, I feel like it was kinda piddly and that I could do better. I also realized that between the morning rush to get out the door, being at work, and the evening rush to get kids fed and off to bed, that it’s embarrassingly difficult to connect with my spouse over the span of 12-14hrs in a day. Future me is going to work at figuring out other methods of connecting through the day, which I think will take some trial & error, and could be difficult with the upcoming busy season…but worth the effort to figure out.]


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