Daily Snapshots – Day #4

I am grateful for … having my car back (after a few days in for repairs), a father-in-law that can help fix the car for a more-than-reasonable cost, songs on the radio that conjure up memories and allow you to briefly relive a certain period of time or experience in your life (any Jason Mraz song reminds me of our trip to Hawaii), and a job that incorporates worship (through monthly mass) – which is, very interestingly, something I was wishfully hoping & praying for.

I am hopeful that… my daughters don’t feel the pressures of the morning rush/evening rush that their parents feel (or perhaps just the minimum amount that encourages them to get their bums in gear ;)) and challenge myself to … incorporate at least 5 minutes of snuggle/talk time in the morning with them that is not “task-focused” (i.e. please put on your shirt, please come here so i can put up your hair, etc.).

I enjoyed … watching C practice new words like “Diaper”, her name, bottle… and seeing her determined personality come out day-by-day.

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… I can be reduce my lunch and coffee take-out purchases and challenge myself to … limit lunch take-out to twice a week and reflect on why I prefer to eat take-out when I’ve already packed a lunch…is it to give myself a purpose/excuse to walk outside? Is the food a “reward” to quell the stress of a new job? Is it because it’s just so delicious…or so “reasonably priced”?

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: I did choose to drive past the Tim Horton’s this morning and not pick up a coffee today, despite thinking it might give me an energy boost (I’m sure it’s 90% a mental thing). Regarding the challenge to sleep more, I did not turn the computer on last night and went to bed about 1 hr earlier.


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