Daily Snapshots – Day #5

“Nothing is impossible…the word itself says ‘I’m Possible’!” 🙂

I am grateful for … life-changing programs like our church’s “Mom-to-Mom” series, which (among other things) taught me that you don’t need to have your house neat & tidy to have friends over. You can just welcome them into your home, as is, and know that rather than judge you, they’ll probably find it refreshing to see another house that looks just as untidy as theirs. Looking forward to having family friends over tonight for pizza (instead of the planned home-cooked meal) in my untidy house, without being a stressball for hours last night cooking & cleaning. (Perhaps this is just a convenient excuse to be lazy…..but I’d like to think I’m prioritizing my sanity + time with friends over “looking like I’ve got my stuff together” or not having friends over for fear of judgement). 🙂

I am hopeful that… I stay present in each moment and challenge myself to … not focus so much on multi-tasking & thinking ahead of how to tackle the to-do list when there is something else in front of me that would benefit from my attention. This Sunday our family has a number of responsibilities at church – greeters, nursery leader, nursery attendant, and Deacon 1. I’m hopeful that I give each task my undivided attention at that time instead of being physicially present but mentally thinking about the next thing.

I enjoyed … a “bad habit” I’ve developed, where when I do go through the Tim’s drive-through I get the order of the person behind me…yes, it doubles my bill but I love thinking about the possibility of how a $2 purchase might positively impact someone’s day and the potential ripple effects. It’s kinda like spending $5 on the lottery because it’s fun to dream up what you could do if you won, except I’m spending $2 on someone’s coffee and dreaming up what could come. Maybe something, maybe nothing. But either way, from a selfish perspective, it’s totally worth the $2 for the hope and enjoyment it gives me.

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… my daughters don’t feel the pressures of the morning rush/evening rush that their parents feel (or perhaps just the minimum amount that encourages them to get their bums in gear ;)) and challenge myself to … incorporate at least 5 minutes of snuggle/talk time in the morning with them that is not “task-focused” (i.e. please put on your shirt, please come here so i can put up your hair, etc.).

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: This morning C woke up extra early, and inadvertently work up J – so a “happy coincidence” or gift that gave us extra time to chat and roll around in bed before getting ready this morning, and I made a conscious effort to not hastily interrupt it with “alright, let’s get ready!”

Have a wonderful Friday!


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