Daily Snapshots – Day #6

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

I am grateful for … problems that aren’t really problems. Dealing with things like colds running through the home, a messy house, work frustrations, toddler tantrums…those things aren’t fun, but they’re not really problems when I think of people I know who are facing challenges including moving to a new country, financial stresses, and family with critical health issues.

I am hopeful that… I can continue to reduce the clutter in our house (which takes up space, visual/mental capacity looking at it, and time cleaning/maintaining/tidying it and challenge myself to … set aside 3 items per day that are not adding value to our lives.

I enjoyed … a lovely and much-needed morning nap (thanks to H for watching the girls).

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… I stay present in each moment and challenge myself to … not focus so much on multi-tasking & thinking ahead of how to tackle the to-do list when there is something else in front of me that would benefit from my attention. This Sunday our family has a number of responsibilities at church – greeters, nursery leader, nursery attendant, and Deacon 1. I’m hopeful that I give each task my undivided attention at that time instead of being physicially present but mentally thinking about the next thing.

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: We were out looking for winter boots for C this evening, and mid-trip J needed to use the washroom. A pee and a poop…naturally. A poop she “had to wait for”…and wait we did. So while part of me was thinking “C’s getting fussy…it’s nearing bath/bed time…would be nice if J could be done sooner than later.” another part of me just enjoyed seeing her adorable little face, chuckling inside when anytime someone walked in she’d check out their shoes from under the stall wall and ask “is it a boy or a girl?”, and seeing her kick her little legs around.


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