Daily Snapshots – Day #8

“Take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you can go.”

I am grateful for … a job where I can serendipitously see my new friends Eiman & Assma on a regular basis. As recent as this morning, in the school parking lot. I’m also grateful for a garage to park my car in so I’m spared chipping away at the overnight frost.

I am hopeful that… while I’m out-of-town later this week that things go smoothly for H and that the girls enjoy their time with dad and challenge myself to … play a bit extra these next few days, focus & learn lots at the conference and enjoy visits with close friends.

I enjoyed … purchasing Christmas gifts for J. I should also say that I’m grateful that my children are at an age where they’re just as happy with a $2 toy as they are a $20 toy….my wallet is also grateful.😉

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… I make conscious decisions to eat healthier and challenge myself to … not eat snacks after dinner.

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: I did not eat any post-dinner snacks yesterday…I did want to stop by Tim’s on my drive in, but alas I forgot my wallet at home. Perhaps a forceful nudge to keep the take-out coffee habit at bay, and continue the trend of making cost-effective tea at work.


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