Daily Snapshots – Day #9

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

I am grateful for … freedom, specifically the freedom that comes with (1) living in Canada and (2) being an adult. The freedom to walk wherever I please and talk to whomever I want. The freedom to vote. The freedom to wear whatever clothing I want. The freedom to buy things as I choose and eat cake for breakfast if I so wish. The freedom to educate myself in whatever subject I choose and create a career that I can be passionate about. We all have that freedom but sometimes convince ourselves we don’t (whether it’s because of societal pressures, financial pressures, fear of change, etc.).

Sometimes I think about the life of my daughters and how at their age the idea of having control and making their own choices is so amazingly freeing to them (and we give it to them when we can, where it’s appropriate). Clearly I’ve racked up a few more years of experience so have a bit more knowledge and discipline to make good decisions (usually). I suppose that’s why my job now is to teach them how to make good decisions and understand consequences so when they’re older they can enjoy the same freedoms and limit the instances of crippling consequences.

I am hopeful that… I remember what it feels like to begrudgingly go to school/daycare because I had to, eat the food not because I wanted to, but because it’s on the table; and follow rules that I didn’t understand and challenge myself to … continue to explain the rationale for everything and avoid “because I said so” statements, set my girls and family up for success by being planful where I can be (e.g. sleeping more and getting an earlier start to the day so it’s not so rushed), and having patience & understanding when there’s tantrums/tiredness.

I enjoyed … remembering how lovely it was when I was pregnant and had a little peanut growing inside of me. A buddy that went everywhere with me, that moved inside my belly and that was the greatest gift to anticipate receiving. The pregnancy symptoms were not so great, but the miracle of life was pretty awesome.

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… while I’m out-of-town later this week that things go smoothly for H and that the girls enjoy their time with dad and challenge myself to … play a bit extra these next few days, focus & learn lots at the conference and enjoy visits with close friends.

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: I’m soaking in lots of extra giggles and kisses and also trying to make the most of my visit and booking dates with multiple old friends.


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