Daily Snapshots – Day #10

“What other people think of you is none of your business.” – Regina Brett

I am grateful for … being at a spot in my life where I feel comfortable in my own skin most of the time. There’s been many years where I didn’t feel this way and change is inevitable (so there will come a time where I again don’t feel comfortable or I’m evolving), so I’m just savouring my current happiness and comfortableness.

(p.s. Spellcheck has deemed comfortableness a real word! I wasn’t sure…) 😉

I am hopeful that… I have more love for those I have disliked in the past and challenge myself to … think of people I have had tensions with (in the past or recently), send them positive wishes (in thought or in e-mail/person) and lift them up in prayer.

I enjoyed … analyzing our unusually large Oct-Nov. Visa bill last night (because I’m a nerd like that). Lots of seasonal & maintenance-related payments in there – but I’m feeling blessed to have received all of those goods & services.

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… I remember what it feels like to begrudgingly go to school/daycare because I had to, eat the food not because I wanted to, but because it’s on the table; and follow rules that I didn’t understand and challenge myself to … continue to explain the rationale for everything and avoid “because I said so” statements, set my girls and family up for success by being planful where I can be (e.g. sleeping more and getting an earlier start to the day so it’s not so rushed), and having patience & understanding when there’s tantrums/tiredness.

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: Yesterday was a busy work day. Combined with a trip to the library (where C screamed because she wanted to crawl around when we were getting ready to leave…and because she wanted to eat paper), J having a tantrum because she wanted to watch a show (I said no, explaining we didn’t need a show, we just got to go to the library), and me trying to send a quick e-mail which ideally would’ve been sent 2 hrs earlier (whilst C banged on the keyboard and J was yelling “I want to watch a show!!!!”). So mommy lost her patience and yelled “CAN I PLEASE JUST SEND THIS!!!” (which of course broke C into tears, and J was already crying over my refusal of a show).

After we had a few minutes to calm down, I approached J in her hiding/play spot, under the dining room table, gave her a hug. I asked her if her spot under the dining room was a house and we played there before and after dinner – pretending there was a fire-breathing dragon outside (naturally). Our dining room tablecloth is way too long and hangs down to the floor…which isn’t great aesthetically, but makes for a pretty sweet fort!



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