Daily Snapshots – Day #11

“You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round.” – James J. Corbett (World Heavyweight Champion)

A few days passed between Snapshot #10 and 11 – but after a busy 4 days out of town , I’m back! 🙂

I am grateful for … fantastic friends who I can call when I need a listening ear, and who I can visit and share giggles with – over and over again.

I am hopeful that… I remember that you can’t please everyone and challenge myself to … get used to not pleasing everyone. To accept that not everyone will be pleased and know that’s what is in my control is prioritizing my time and communicating to ensure expectations are managed. I also challenge myself to remember that when the times get really tough and I feel like I’m starting to break, to allow myself to feel the emotions but then use those emotions to dig deep and find the grit that I know I have.

I enjoyed … watching J at her swimming lessons today. I know about 3 or 4 moms whose children swim at the same time, so inevitably we end up chatting during lessons. Today none of my other mom friends were there and while I missed our regular banter, I was also super excited to have 30 minutes to just focus on my daughter, revel in the progress she’s made so far and soak in her smiles and giggles. We are blessed this session with a lovely swimming teacher who J adores.

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… I have more love for those I have disliked in the past and challenge myself to … think of people I have had tensions with (in the past or recently), send them positive wishes (in thought or in e-mail/person) and lift them up in prayer.

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: I think there’s more work that I can do on this. To be honest, I thought of a few people when I wrote this post and sent some positive thoughts (in my mind) to them…but I haven’t made much headspace around this. What may be more doable is to be more aware of when I feel tension towards a person, acknowledge and understand the root of that tension, and come from a place of understanding towards that person while continuing to respect my own emotions and feelings.


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