Daily Snapshots – Day #14

“The nose is for breathing, the mouth is for eating.” 🙂   

[After a doctor’s appointment and arriving to work 1 hr later than normal, I just wanted to jump in and dive into work. I could feel myself all jittery and decided to center myself and find a quote related to breathing. This one made me smile. :)]

I am grateful for … fantastic healthcare, being able to live in Canada, and for having taken yoga and meditation courses previously which have given great tools for de-stressing.

I am hopeful that… I take time to take breaths when I need to and challenge myself to … make time to breathe deeply for 2 minutes when my anxiety/stress levels are up (because I know they will be later on!).

I enjoyed … baby kisses. Who wouldn’t enjoy gummy gooey kisses from a smiling baby?

Yesterday’s Challenge: I am hopeful that… I have a very productive work day and challenge myself to … pat myself on the back for each of the little accomplishments/tasks I complete and be kind to myself.

Update on Yesterday’s Challenge: Yesterday was productive work day. I didn’t hit one out of the park, but I had some solid work time and got a better understanding of things. I also felt like it was a productive evening at home and that I was able to cover off some of my previous challenges. Cleared out 1 drawer and 1 cupboard in our master washroom (which has been an annoyance of mine for several months) throwing out about 1 grocery bag worth of expired/useless stuff and went on the treadmill for 20 minutes (it’s the blog that changed my mindframe and kept me accountable!).

Alright, Thursday – bring it on!!!!!!!!

p.s. This took me 7 minutes to write and I feel much calmer. The time investment was well worth it to focus my day and mind.


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