Daily Snapshots – Day #17

“Your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen.” – Ed Sheeran

I am grateful for … lifestyle changes that have allowed me to spend more time doing things I want to be doing. By not watching tv and not routinely turning the computer on in the evening I’ve found more time for sleeping, reading my Bible (which seemed like a very lofty goal about a decade ago), and decluttering which has made my life significantly less stressful and chug through the day with a bit more confidence and conviction.

I am hopeful that… I stay motivated to better myself at work and at home and continue to set daily goals (there’s another set I keep by my bedside)  and challenge myself to … share these with someone in hopes that it will inspire them to set their own goals and give me a “goal buddy” so we can encourage each other.

I enjoyed … a weekend filled with quality time with my girls – including a girl’s breakfast at McDonald’s (a.k.a. breakfast of champions), Christmas shopping for their daycare provider, and a photo/visit with Santa at the mall (with mom sitting between the girls and Santa……………naturally). We also put up our Christmas tree and decorations – significantly later than most people, but rather than stress about how long it would be up for, we focused on enjoying the activity and less on how we were “behind compared to other families”. Life is busy! I don’t do anything perfectly, but I now make it a point to only do things that bring value to the lives of my family, friends and myself.

Previous Challenge: I am hopeful that… I never believe that I’m too small or insignificant to make a difference and challenge myself to … regularly reflect on how I can help or show love towards those who struggle with a variety of challenges life has dealt them (whether they live in my neighborhood or miles & oceans away), and action those intentions.

Update on Previous Challenge: I was able to put into action my love for another family. It wasn’t without some self-doubt – “What if they think this is dumb?”, “What if they wonder how I could possibly think this would help?”, “What if they think ‘That’s it?’?”, “What if they think ‘I don’t need this…’?'”. These weren’t a reflection of how I actually thought the family would think/feel, but a reflection of my own insecurities. In the end, I just focused on what I thought would be nice and said the worst that could happen is that they think it’s dumb, that it doesn’t help and that I gave them something they don’t need…..but the best thing that could happen is that they felt love from another person, they felt encouraged, and that it brought them happiness.

The expressions of gratitude and happiness they shared was so relieving and heart-warming. I received the most beautiful smile and hug from an amazing little girl. And they gave me the gift of remembering that as adults we can often overthink things and doubt ourselves out of being the best people we can be and achieving our full potential. My fallback advice to myself is always “What would you tell your daughters if they were in the same situation?”


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