Daily Snapshots – Day #21

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take the step.”

I am grateful for … new beginnings. Whether it’s from a new job, new city, new friendship, new year…heck, you could consider the start of a new week or a new day a new beginning! New beginnings are great for re-energizing yourself, for letting go of things that held you down in the past and for giving you the conviction to take steps (baby steps or big steps) towards being your best and truest self. If you think about it, we can give ourselves a fresh start whenever we want…we just need to give ourselves permission to do so.

I am hopeful that… I spend the hours of my day intentionally and focus on my priorities, instead of falling into old habits. And challenge myself to … see when I’m falling into an old habit and pause for a moment to ask myself “Does this make my family healthier or bring value to their life? Does this make me healthier or bring value to my life?” Does this bring value to someone else’s life?”

I enjoyed … seeing the world with new eyes. While driving to work I noticed a bird’s nest in a tree and wondered what J would think if she saw it. I imagined how she’d be curious about who made it, how it got there, what it was made of, etc…and when I realized how much it took for that nest to be built I was in awe. what do I mean?

I mean a seed was planted to make the tree that bore the twigs and leaves (building materials), two birds would have mated to give birth to the bird that made the nest, that bird would have scavenged every twig and leaf, and spent hours building the nest…it was pretty impressive when I thought about it.

Then I drove a bit further and saw a hydro pole and thought the same thing – tree would have been planted, cut down and shaped at some lumber yard/plant to make it into a hydro pole. Somebody would have needed to stake it in to the ground, someone else would have fed all the wires through it, installed the attachments to make the wires stay in place, etc…not to mention another company would have made those wires and wire attachments…and on top of that someone would have had to initially plan and invent the structure of these things. A hydro pole! All that work! And here I sit pretty with the luxury of hydro because all these people contributed their individual parts…pretty cool.

Previous Challenge: I am hopeful that… I stay positive and focused when things get tough. To recognize my feelings when I get overwhelmed. And challenge myself to … allow myself to really feel and experience the moment I’m overwhelmed…soak it in…every last tense muscle, strained breath, quickened heart beat, racing thought…..be aware of it all and acknowledge on it.

Then breathe it out. And focus on how I can best attack the overwhelming challenges.

For breathing. For being flexible to embark on mini family adventures. For having time open to doing crafts as a family. For having time to catch a Sat. morning movie, if we so fancy.

For simply having the ability to live in the moment.

Update on Previous Challenge: I allowed myself to really feel and experience the “overwhelmed-ness” a few times the day I wrote that post. And then I forgot about it….but with the reminder I just allowed myself to experience it again…and it’s such a relief to embrace it, instead of fight it, then let it go.


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