Daily Snapshots – Day #23 (Late post from Feb 23rd)

“Be proud for what you are, rather than for what you have.”

I am grateful for … strength, for opportune timing, and for understanding & supportive people. For people who sincerely want the best for me and remind me of my limits when I’m tempted to push as much as possible. For safe travels.

I am hopeful that… I continue to empower myself and recognize the good & learnings from each situation, instead of focusing on the bad. And challenge myself to … love myself unconditionally (hopefully forever and ever, but especially over the next 2 weeks as we anticipate change).

I enjoyed … an impromptu visit with a close friend while attending an out-of-town conference. While it was 40min “out of the way”, the 1hr we caught up & supported each other was completely worth it.

Previous Challenge: I am hopeful that… I prioritize rest this upcoming weekend. And challenge myself to … focus on taking care of myself in the now, instead of focusing so much on taking care of others and pre-planning for the future (if that makes sense). That sounds kind of brutally self-centered, but everyone needs some time to rejuvenate and refresh. And let’s be honest, between work messy-ness and toddler tantrums I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed these days.

Update on Previous Challenge: Wow, I wrote that 21 days ago (3 weeks)…and I gotta say…I kinda nailed it. 1 week after I wrote that I (somewhat impromptu-ly) went on a ladies retreat/weekend. I shortened the 2.5 day trip to 1.5 days to reduce impacts on the family – but it was the perfect amount of time. I had a fantastic time and came home refreshed…and then things with the kids went a little haywire 10min in, and that “vacation glow” wore off pretty quickly…..but it was still great! 🙂 I’m also proud that I’ve made some difficult decisions over the past few days. Things have been tricky and while my nature is to grit my teeth and push on, over the past 3-4 years I’ve learned that while I think pushing on will make me feel better and more accomplished, sometimes the pushing on will just push you over. As I was reflecting on outcomes from the decision


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