Some gratitude…

The days seem to be whizzing by – each has it’s own challenges, but overall the move to working part-time has been a fantastic blessing for our family. For a gratitude blog, I haven’t posted a whole lot of gratitude lately (I really need to consider bringing back those “Daily Snapshots”).

At any rate, here are a few updates on the past month and 4 things I’m thankful for.

  1. Decluttering breakthrough – I’ve been slowly decluttering for the past couple of years…but in the 1.5 months I was off and the girls were in daycare part-time (partially to pad the shock of our daycare providers’ reduced income) I made some solid headway…just last week I got to the point where the main floor and basement aren’t perfect, but can be tidied in 5-10min. It used to be a 30min-3hr ordeal, so the gains are pretty significant! It’s resulted in less stress, a more relaxed environment, and more time to play & be present with the kids.
  2. Feeling at peace – Answering those mid-night cries always jumpstarts your heart (and feet) a bit, but I’m so thankful that now I can answer those cries, sit and rock my babe, and be content – knowing that there is nothing I’d rather be doing at that moment then feeling the weight of her body in my arms & listening to the sweet sound of her breathing in and out. Knowing that even if I get just a few hours of sleep, when I go into work my to-do list is manageable and not a shitstorm of crises to wade through (although those can be fun to work through & conquer, but it’s too much at this time in my life).
  3. Increased clarity – In all honesty, I’m not getting that much more sleep than when I was working full-time – but my mind has a bit more energy and a bit more clarity than it used to. I recently attended a meeting for our church’s officebearers – and while it went 7:30-10pm, on a week night (we were all a bit bleary-eyed by the end!), I was surprised that while I was physically exhausted, mentally my brain was lighting up and thinking of various ways to apply the learnings to upcoming projects/missions.
  4. Missed opportunities – At the beginning of the year, there was an opportunity for H to work abroad for several months. While I was 100% onboard, H wasn’t sure whether he wanted to take it. He decided not to take it and it left me both shocked and a bit disappointed. The placement was in England. Everytime I read about one of the attacks I’m saddened for the victims, their families, the English, and those who will continue to be unfairly portrayed in a negative light…but I’m also incredibly thankful that we are currently in Canada.

At the crux of it all – I feel like I actually have the ability to be present in the moment, instead of missing out on the “now” because I’m busy planning & fighting the fires that are coming around the corner.


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