The last month has been a whirlwind of finding a new routine between Kindergarten drop-offs, work, programs, social events and school involvement. Throw in some of H’s business travel and organizing the accounting exams, weekend family visits, with a good measure of sleep deprivation (with C waking nightly multiple times) – which left me exhausted at the beginning of this week. Which meant this week the house stayed a mess and I focused more on recharging batteries and less on tackling the to-do list.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about balance…and how once one thing changes in your life, it impacts other areas in your life – whether or not you realize it.

I often say yes to programs/activities the girls enjoy doing (most of them we do together which is great fun and great bonding), but I forget that that means I have less time to stay caught up at home. Clearly, time with the girls is my priority, but as I’ve mentioned before – too much of a good thing is too much.

Tonight I tried something different – a massive bulk cook-off.

When I say massive I’m talking 1 lasagna, 36 mini pizzas, 1 pumpkin loaf, 1 banana loaf and 12 banana chocolate chip muffins. Truth – the only reason I’m writing this blog post at 11:38pm instead of getting ready for bed is because the last banana loaf needs 14 min more.

I know I just said “too much of a good thing is too much” – but I partially did it because I had food that needed to be used up, partly because I (for once) had energy to do so, after taking an afternoon nap; and partially because I wanted to see if this new method would let me have my cake (being with the girls) and eat it too (literally…eating the food and staying on top of things). Also, I’m hosting 2 things over the next 2 weeks so it’ll be nice to have the loaves already made that I can just take them out of the freezer the night before to defrost – and ta da! “fresh” baking. 🙂

I casually roped H into doing it as well which was great for a few reasons:

  1. It was a fun, cheap, and productive way to spend time together (I considered it a date night).
  2. It gave him an appreciation for what goes into our food “WHAT? This loaf needs 1 cup of sugar? Talk about diabetes!” (almost verbatim what he said).
  3. It gave him a chance to step into my shoes for a bit and see how much time and effort it takes to “kinda” feel like you’re on top of meals. He looked a bit bemused when it was 10pm and I realized I forgot to put in some laundry that’s needed for tomorrow.
  4. It gave him a chance to feel the same pride I feel when I serve my family a meal or when J says “I want to eat this every day!”, and to know that when J is at school eating her mini pizzas that it’s like she’s taking a little part of him with her.

This post has been written without a specific message in mind – but I think when it comes down to it I’m coming to terms with the fact that a life that is balanced will always come out of balance if you are continually trying new things…and that’s okay. Trying new things is a good thing. The important thing is to continue to keep a pulse on your health & well-being and not being afraid to make decisions to adjust things so they work well (or even better than expected) for you and your family.



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