Daily Snapshot – #27

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

I miss writing. I think about things I’d like to write about pretty much everyday, but don’t seem to find the time. Therefore, I’m giving the Daily Snapshots a try again, which were quick 10min blurbs that typically hit the topics I wanted to jot down anyways.

I am grateful for … time with my children. The flexibility to go to work, pick J up early from school, and go watch H play in a hockey tournament together. Having space in my day and life to say “yes” to things I want to do (but must work on not saying “yes” to everything I want to do). Making authentic connections and relationships with students at work. Glimpses of when I can see why God put me in certain places at certain times for a specific purpose. Being able to buy McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sauce at the grocery store and make easy-peasy homemade Filet-o-Fish’s. Not super healthy – but so delicious.
I am hopeful that… I get back to my intentional/minimalist lifestyle and values. And challenge myself to … be ruthless as I purge things this week. There are things we’ve held onto for years that were shifted from different “clutter corners” in our house. We put up the Christmas tree this weekend, so now the main clutter is sitting wide-open on the dining room table. Instead of spending tons of time seeing what I could sell, and what I “might” use someday…I need to remember that these things have been in the house for 2-3 years…if I really wanted to use it, I would’ve by now. Keep the stuff that you’ve been looking for, and get rid of the rest.
I enjoyed … play. Today on our walk to school J and I used our imaginations to create an adventure. In truth, she started complaining about wearing show pants, so I picked up a few sticks from the ground and asked what we should pretend they could be. We went fishing, made s’mores, used them as flashlights, used them as puppets (I was impressed she thought of that!), used them as a walking stick…ran away from bears (which was a wonderful way to keep up the pace) and jumped over rivers (cracks in the sidewalk). Having young children I’m often galloping into church with them, skipping as we head into the grocery store, dancing like a ballerina and crawling around on the floor and being a monster. I need to figure out a way to continue the act of play without having the “excuse” of young children. I still want to have my own version of play when they’re out of the house in 20 years!
Previous Challenge: I am hopeful that… I don’t get discouraged when unimportant setbacks happen (unimportant like when the house goes from tidy to tornado). And challenge myself to … celebrate the small wins. Instead of focusing on all that hasn’t been done or won’t get done or “wants” to get done, focus on setting small goals and knowing that the accomplishment of each small goal gets me closer and closer to achieving my bigger goal. Don’t be complacent, but don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t perfected everything.
Update on Previous Challenge: I am still a work-in-progress on this. I’m better at not getting discouraged, but still feel some disappointment when things don’t get done (which I think is human). That said, rather than ship the kids off to bed early and keep cleaning, we seized the moment and did our Christmas decorating which was fun and didn’t stress me out. So I think that’s an improvement.

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