Daily Snapshot – #28

“It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all; it’s a small, small world.” – Sherman Brothers

I am grateful for … healthcare, space in my day and great babysitters. I’ve been suffering from a sinus infection the past week or so and when it started to impact my eyes I made an appointment to see my optometrist (with an appointment 2 day after I called in). I previously went to our family doctor’s walk-in over the weekend and was floored when I was in and out in less than 1/2hr. I don’t take it for granted that there are places in the world and times in history where this isn’t/wasn’t possible. After my optometrist appointment, I had 1.5 hours before J needed to be picked up from school. While there was much to catch up on at home, I decided to instead have an impromptu visit with a friend on mat leave (who lives 20 min away, but only 2 min from the optometrist) and catch up on her latest travels. Yesterday H and I attended a work event and it was so nice leaving the house with an engaging babsitter and children who were happily chatting with her. Bonus – they were both in bed and asleep by 8pm which meant no “bedtime work” for us when we got back.
I am hopeful that… I place rest at the top of my priority list as much as possible And challenge myself to … meditate when I want to relax or feel like I need some time to “escape”, instead of watching tv or surfing the web. I recently unfollowed all of my friends on facebook (yup, even you!) and that has been great for taking away the feeling that I’m “missing out” if I don’t check. Unfollowing everyone means my newsfeed shows nothing – so rather than being pushed updates, I need to intentionally think “I wonder what so and so’s up to…” and pull the update. So far, I think I’ve only pulled 2 updates in the last 2 weeks. While limiting time-wasters is a good step, I’m hoping that meditating will (1) replace old habits, making it easier to break the twitch and (2) allow me to intentionally tune in to what my body needs (which I expect most of the time will be sleep), so that I can address the core issue, instead of distracting myself from it.
I enjoyed … finding out what a small world it is. At the dinner last night different areas of our lives overlapped in the most unexpected and delicious way. 3 times. First, was when we bumped into a colleague who had previously worked with H. We made this realization a few months ago, but it was neat to be face-to-face with both H and my colleague and have the husband/wife career worlds overlap. Second, was when we sat at our pre-assigned table and one of our tablemates saw our surname and asked where we were from. It took about 2 seconds to realize that their daughter married H’s cousin in 2017. I had kept in touch with H’s cousin here and there, and been in the loop of updates on their life/fiancee/wife, so it was incredibly bizarre yet awesome to realize I knew so much about this stranger’s daughter. We subsequently took a picture and sent it to the newlyweds so they could share in the moment. Third, was when we went to say goodnight to my manager and realized he was sitting at the same table as friends from our church (one of which was going to present my manager with his award that evening). While we knew they worked in the same department it was yet another delicious surprise to see a smiling, friendly face. “…it’s a small, small world.”
One more bonus/coincidental anecdote – H bought me a lovely tea mug/infuser/lid set over the holidays. Unfortunately C broke the lid (which was my favorite part since it kept the contents warm, especially while infusing) and when I called the store to see if replacements were available they let me know that 5 minutes ago they had found a random lid in the back and were hoping to put it aside in case it helped someone out – so what perfect timing that I called just minutes later needing that very thing! Sometimes we don’t realize how our actions/thoughtfulness are the exact solution to someone else’s need….. 🙂 A good reminder to listen when we get those nudges/ideas in life to do something kind!
Previous Challenge: I am hopeful that… I get back to my intentional/minimalist lifestyle and values. And challenge myself to … be ruthless as I purge things this week. There are things we’ve held onto for years that were shifted from different “clutter corners” in our house. We put up the Christmas tree this weekend, so now the main clutter is sitting wide-open on the dining room table. Instead of spending tons of time seeing what I could sell, and what I “might” use someday…I need to remember that these things have been in the house for 2-3 years…if I really wanted to use it, I would’ve by now. Keep the stuff that you’ve been looking for, and get rid of the rest.
Update on Previous Challenge: It took a few weeks, but the dining room table is cleared (it was an ugly sight to see – especially in the mornings, and especially when people came over). I recall thinking there were some things I could maybe keep, but then remembered my pact to be ruthless and tossed it out. Even now, I can’t remember what I was re-considering…so clearly it wasn’t that important.
I also went through the freezer clearing out the old things, taking inventory of the keepers and being intentional about using it up. Our pantry and kitchen cupboards also got a look-see with unused items boxed up for donations. More work still to be done on the final kitchen cupboard and drawers, as well as the washroom cupboards.

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