Gifts to Myself (January)

This past month has been busy – between dealing with a death in the family, H’s wrist injury, C’s recent sickness – mixed with the usual busy-ness I’ve gotten behind on a few things.

As I filled my kettle at work this morning I thought for the 20th time “I really need to get some CLR in here and clean the calcium build-up off the bottom of the kettle” (that Waterloo hard water) – not because it looks gross, but because it was starting to overwork my kettle.

I have a mental list of these things that I keep meaning to do, but I just don’t make the time to do. So I’ve decided to give the following four gifts to myself in the month of January so I can both enjoy the benefits and decrease the clutter in my mind when I think about them almost daily:

  1. Clean my work kettle with CLR, so I can prolong the life of this “going to university gift” I received 15 years ago.
  2. Moisturizing my leather boots that I fell in love with, splurged when on sale, and wear everyday at work…so I can prolong its life and enjoy their “new” look again (p.s. It’s kinda amazing how dirty/scratched they get when I only wear them indoors).
  3. Submitting ~$1,000 of medical claims that have been on the to do list since summer/fall 2017, so I can either use, save, or apply that money to our mortgage. I get very frustrated submitting claims because the process of submitting, co-ordinating benefits, answering follow-ups and doublechecking the deposit in the bank can be a real pain in the neck…so I often put it off until a deadline is close or I can’t stand it…but it will feel so nice to have it done, the money in the bank, and not need to think about it again & again.
  4. Notating a song I wrote when I was 12 years old. When I was 12 I took a music writing course, which was part of the requirements for my piano degree. After some basic structures I curiously set about writing my own song and incorporated all my favorite techniques into it. I was (and still am) quite proud of it and dreamed that one day I would send it off to the Royal Conservatory of Music as a submission to include in one of their piano books. I don’t actually think they accept submissions (at least upon a quick google), but I’d still love to get the song notated. It’s one that is in my head and that my fingers still know and play (…21 years later! insane!), though not nearly as fluidly, and it would be such a gift to myself to actually see it written out and pass it on to my children.

The above might seem like a to do list to some, but to me they truly are gifts to myself because they really do make me happy. They add value to my life, reduce the stress of mental clutter, and provide benefits into the future.


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