Travel Journal – Day 1


And so it begins!

Pic 1 – After planes, trains and automobiles we arrived at an english cafe for afternoon tea with my friend Cait. We live on different corners of Canada…so the most convenient time to meet was when we were in London. Naturally.

Pic 2 – The clever thing to do would have been to take a picture of the food before delving in. It didn’t happen. These were the leftovers.

Pic 3 – Buckingham Palace with Herb (and Cait). We pondered deep thoughts like “do they randomly start marching with their partner to keep the blood circulation flowing?”, “why are some curtains pink and some cream?”, and “I wonder how much it costs to heat this place…”

Pic 4 – Gorgeous row of mews.

Pic 5 – The dorky tourist photo of a phone booth and double decker bus. Made more awkward as locals walked by chuckling.

Pic 6 – This street is behind our apartment and just sits in its natural, unassuming beauty. I could probably take hundreds of pictures just of their streets and still not be done. I’m a little obsessed.

Not pictured – grocery shopping, our homemade stir fry dinner (our bodies craved wholesome food after recent unhealthy eating), picking out a London book for the girls (we bought J a Chicago book years ago and it’s a memorized favourite, and started a tradition of buying children’s books about our travels), and almost getting run over a few times (these pedestrian crossways are  not for the faint of heart and call for bold strides while maintaining eye contact that says “neither of us know who truly has the right of way, but right now I’m claiming it, thanks.”

And now…we sleep. 🙂



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