Daily Snapshot – #29

“I fall. I rise. I make mistakes. I live. I learn. I’ve been hurt, but I’m alive. I’m human. I’m not perfect, but I’m thankful.” – Unknown

(During our vacation I had all the best intentions of doing a daily travel journal to note the big and small things of each day, so I could revisit and relive…you may have seen “Travel Journal – Day 1″…and then nothing else! With late night strolls, almost daily laundry, and plan setting for the next day the nights ran late and it just didn’t happen. And that’s okay. 🙂 I still plan to jot down notes about our trip so I can review them in the future, and even though they won’t be as fulsome…it’s okay. I’m learning that imperfect is perfectly okay.)
I am grateful for … warm spring weather, new courage to reduce the number of committees I’m on (in an effort to create more space in my schedule, more balance, and, in turn, feel less drained), Faithwalking Retreats that give me an opportunity to get to know 3 individuals better in an authentic and intimate way, and that most of my frequent destinations (work, church, grocery, gas station, etc.) are in such close proximity to my home.
I am hopeful that… I continue to consciously notice when I’m multi-tasking and take a step back to critically look at whether multi-tasking is the most efficient. And challenge myself to … determine why I’m multi-tasking different things, determining the root cause (do I need prepare better, do I have the right tools to do things where I need to do them, etc.) and figuring out ways to be more present with whatever task is at hand.
I enjoyed … taking C to the grocery store for some one-on-one time. Usually I either take J or both of them, but I’ve noticed that with J’s school times, the need to prepare dinner, etc. I just don’t have the one-on-one time with C that I want (and that I had with J). Because I only had to focus on her I let her walk through the store (instead of plunking her into the cart – a.k.a. holding pen) and she was ecstatic to see the grocery store from a different view and so proud to hold some of our purchases and plunk them on the conveyor belt when we paid. C is such a bundle of fun who is constantly pushing boundaries and keeping us on our toes…while we do point out when she does funny/sweet things, sometimes I feel like we work so hard to remind her of the boundaries that we don’t get to savour her individual loveliness.
Previous Challenge: I am hopeful that… I place rest at the top of my priority list as much as possible And challenge myself to … meditate when I want to relax or feel like I need some time to “escape”, instead of watching tv or surfing the web. I recently unfollowed all of my friends on facebook (yup, even you!) and that has been great for taking away the feeling that I’m “missing out” if I don’t check. Unfollowing everyone means my newsfeed shows nothing – so rather than being pushed updates, I need to intentionally think “I wonder what so and so’s up to…” and pull the update. So far, I think I’ve only pulled 2 updates in the last 2 weeks. While limiting time-wasters is a good step, I’m hoping that meditating will (1) replace old habits, making it easier to break the twitch and (2) allow me to intentionally tune in to what my body needs (which I expect most of the time will be sleep), so that I can address the core issue, instead of distracting myself from it.
Update on Previous Challenge: This is a constant challenge and a constant work in progress. My decision to reduce my committee involvement is an effort to make more room for rest – though I need to fight my own urges to then fill that space with other enjoyable things and become disciplined at telling myself no. It’s true that there is a time and season for everything, and some seasons are busier, but I think by changing my mindframe was “Do I have something already booked? If not, err on the side of doing it” – going the other way and committing to myself “I will make no more than x commitments per week – whether they are learning, social, mandatory, because I need time for rest. Real rest that fills my bucket – not ‘rest time’ that I can use to catch up on my home to do list.”

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