How I roll. Sending an early morning  “you’ve got this!” selfie to my friend. In my pj’s. Fresh outta bed. 😉

Hi there!

I’m Tiffany – an imperfect mom, flawed wife, and non-traditional accountant that strives to be grateful for the things she has, be wise enough to turn challenges into opportunities, and have enough perspective to turn negativity into positivity.

This blog started as an honest reflection on my ordinary life and as something I wanted to share with my daughters one day. An opportunity to intimately share my own messy experiences with life in hopes that it would both comfort and guide them as they journeyed through their own.

My hope for you, the reader, is that you find comfort in reading about my struggles and learnings and that you feel encouraged to persevere, to live a life that is most authentic to you (even if it goes against the grain of societal cultures and norms), and to intentionally journey through life actively striving to feel happy, thankful and hopeful.

If you’d like to read some posts that are particularly important to me, please feel free to check out my Who am I…in 9 Posts page.

Thanks for stopping by – I’m so glad you’re here and would love to hear from you!

Best wishes,


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